tisdag 27 september 2011

I am a WIFE now...

Dearie me, does it not make me sound ancient?? Well, I absolutely love being married and that's probably just the way it should be, right? ;)

The day was fabulous. Lots of friends and family and not to mention Love and Laughter. Yes, it was probably as nauseatingly "cute" as it sounds. Husband kept on tearing up in church and I just kept laughing at him as he was the one who wasn't "too bothered about the whole marriage thing" as it should not make a difference [true]. But, he did say it meant so much more than he could ever have imagined. I know, that it was seeing our little Boy walking down the aisle next to his cousin that set Husband of.

There's nothing that I would change - not the stress with the soloist cancelling 10 days before or finding a new one, not the hassle/stress with so called friends who kept demanding to be picked up/dropped off at the train station the day before or the day after our wedding (although I'm still pretty upset with them) or anything else, for that matter.

My parents had worked the beeee-hiiinds off to get it spot on and they were worried I wouldn't like the decorations. They needn't have worried as it was perfect. Everything was something that was personal to us, something that showed who we were. Others might not have gotten everything but who cares? It was our wedding, not theirs. Birches, moss, pinecones (I am a country girl through and through) and so on and  so on.

So, would I do it again?

Heck, NO!

Vegas is always an option....  ;)

I doubt I'll write here again but it was fun while it lasted even though the posts are far and few between.

Ta Ta xx

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